Meet Amir Lehavot (video)

Here’s the ESPN intro for the many we used to call Player X, from Day 6, after which we see him lose a hand but make a good fold:


The blog must be legit – I’ve got these pretty cards! (with a QR code on the back and all!

Dept. of Omens: Penn (Jillette) Station, Greenfield, MA

So I just crossed paths with Penn Jillette (@pennjillette, fyi, who I didn’t know was a Greenfield native) in the nexus of famous people-sightings in the 413, Greenfield Coffee (here in Western MA, where I reside). In fact, the joint was packed and he gave up a table just as I arrived – Thanks Penn Jillette! He is apparently reading tonight at GCC – and/but here’s the wacky part – I just so happen to be hopping on a plane tomorrow heading out to a certain “sporting” event taking place in a theater that bears his name! (posts to come!) Wacky.



New around here?

Because I’m promoting a bit right now on Facebook (because the November Nine is Monday and Tuesday!!! so if there’s any time to start reading this, it’s NOW – you never know who might turn up in Vegas), I wanted to show any newcomers around. To wit:

Here are the first three posts of the blog, and another post called “This is a stupid game.”

Roots, Annie/Vegas, WSOP/Player X (Intro, pt. 1 of 3)

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This is a stupid game