The Tweets of Player X, Days 4 and 5

oct 29 2013 X 001So, while X hasn’t appeared on the TV yet, he did make it safely through Days 4 and 5. Coming up in just a couple hours, DAY 6! Here’s what X had to tweet:


1.3M on last break, made I’m pretty sure in hindsight is a terrible river call for 125k oh well

Good last level, bagged 1.78M



Been 45 minutes my table has played 10 hands

2.4M on first break TT>AQ vs 300k stack

2.6M on break

Just shy of 3M on dinner break, awful table but it’s next to break

Oh sucked out that level My A4 vs AK all in pre BvB vs 600k stack, got a chop

2.7M on last break

Ended the day with 2.65M

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