How to go deep in big tourneys, Twitter edition, by Player X

Our friend X read the first posts and suggested it might be interesting to look back at his tweets from the Main Event (link is to various poker pros twitter handles), to keep track of him in the Main Event, especially since he somehow manages to duck ESPN’s cameras for quite some time, as you’ll see. Each day starts at noon and ends . . . late. Tournaments can be a roller coaster ride, especially for more aggressive players (which X can certainly be, at times),  but X’s ride on the first days was pretty steady. So, yeah, wanna go deep in the Big One? Just do this:

(Starting stack for the Main Event, once again, is 30k. Text in parens is mine):


The Selected Tweets of Player X, WSOP Main Event, 2013, Days 1-3:

(End of Day 1)

39.5k at end of day – had a very soft table, got coolered post in a few big pots; happy with my play


(Day 2)

100k on dinner break, won a big flip my AhJh>QJ on Qh Jx 7h board

Not a great level, misplayed a few hands 85k now

Good last level, finished with 201k guy bluffed a bunch into my top pair then got a bunch with a set


(Day 3, 7/11/13)

200k on first break

Chipped up some, 320k on break

355k on dinner break

550k at break, got 60k from a shortie AJ>A6 and won a few more pots

Bagged 679k 

(at the end of each day, players count and bag their chips)


Seems simple enough, right?

(next: back to TV coverage: Phil v. Phil, pt. 2 and much, much more!)

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