Amir’s Wild Day-7 Ride (that ESPN somehow missed almost entirely)

Day 7: How Amir “Player X” Lehavot fell and ROSE

(the last of the pokery-poker posts for a bit)

(If you’re new here and are curious how this Amir character became my dawg in the 2013 Main Event hunt, please see HERE. Start with the paragraph that begins “After she died” – it’s not as morbid as it sounds Thanks! )


Amir’s Big Adventure

You sure didn’t see ‘em on TV, so here, for your amusement and for you to consider just how incredibly condensed and often utterly lame ESPN poker “coverage” is, Amir went from 10th of 27 to 20th of 21 (with 1.7 million chips) to 2nd of the last nine in the course of just a few hours, even hitting QUADS along the way. Amir may not be a dynamo, but QUADS!??! Who doesn’t want to watch someone hit QUADS!?!?!  Here are the hands, from the live updates back in July:



This was a huge hand, that had Tommy Two Flops and I on the phone, giving sad last rites to our boy.

Soon he was at his nadir:

amir nadir

Then Amir started to chip up a little. A couple of shoves with no callers (surprising, with his short stack) got him back to around 5 mil, and then,

amir quads


Then came a few 1-3 mil pots. over the course of just few hours, 1.7 mil had become . . .

amir 25 mil

Then came busts of Texan dickwad bar-owner Alexander and then Carlos Mortensen absolutely lost his mind, and, before you knew it, nine, brain-dead exhausted, somber guys were running over to friends and family and jumping up and down and shaking hands, even hugging each other because they were GOING TO THE NOVEMBER NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 7 Tweets of Amir:

Blinded down a lot, 1.7M now coming back to 100/200

That was a crazy level 1.7M to 17M

Boom!!! Thanks for all the support everyone – very much appreciated


The Final Table 

(NOTE: numbers below are seat assignments,. If you look to your right, you will see that Amir “Player X” Lehavot will be starting the final table on Monday in 2nd place!  Stay tuned!!!!

amir final table chip counts

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